5 – 6 or 7 Days in the Loire

It is our pleasure to assist you with a sample itinerary to help you plan your stay with us however long or short it may be. This sample itinerary should help you see the highlights of the Loire region whilst also experiencing smaller local treasures.

Our daily plan is also to help you stay within certain regions of the Loire, experiencing each region thoroughly and so you are not spending all day in travel.

Day 1: Chateau Chenonceau & Chateau Chaumont-sur-loire.

Together these two chateaux represent the finest of the Loire valley.

Chenonceau the chateau of the 5 queens stretched the length of the Cher river. Each room is beautifully presented decorated for the Queens who called it home, most notably Queen Catherine de Medici and Mary Queen of Scots. Chateau Chenonceau is our closest chateau, a short 5 minutes drive from Sans Souci bed and breakfast.

Chateau Chaumont-sur-loire is a great continuation of your day, a 10 minute drive will have you arrive on the banks of the Loire river. Chateau Chaumont was also owned by Queen Catherine de Medici but became the property of the infamous Kings mistress Diane de Poitiers in a trade when Queen Catherine wanted Chenonceau as her home. Diane was gifted Chateau Chenonceau by the King during their affair.

Chateau Chaumont-sur-loire is world renowned for its international garden festival which runs spring through autumn every year. There are on average 30 different garden plots to visit, each designed by artists, architects and designers based on one central theme which changes annually.

Day 2: Amboise the final home and resting place of Leonardo da Vinci.

Amboise is a beautiful village on sitting on the Loire river. It has three exceptional chateaux, beautiful food markets (Sunday only) and a wide variety of restaurants. Amboise is a short 15 minute drive from Sans Souci bed and breakfast. Park your car in the abundance of car spaces on the Loire and all three Chateaux are in a short walk from each other.

Chateau Close Lucé: The final home of Leonardo da Vinci. Leonardo lived in Amboise for the last 10 years of his life. A friend of the King and a welcomed visitor the the french court. His home is beautifully presented but the interest lay in the vast models and works of Leonardo that are spread throughout the property, some life size and ready to explore.

Chateau Royal Amboise: Perched high on the banks of the Loire with a beautiful view of the Loire river and the town of Amboise. Rich in history this Chateau is also the final resting place of Leonardo de Vinci, it is possible to visit his grave.

Chateau Gaillard: A chateau rich in Italian design built after the kings return from Italy. We highly recommend the fresh press orange juice from their orchard and the menu du jour lunch on the terrace.

Day 3: Tastes of the region, cheese wine, mushroom cave & Chateau Cheverny.

We love to take time to visit different local producers of the region. I incorporate as many locally sourced ingredients in my menus as possible and dinner would not be complete without a local Loire regional wine. These three producers are located 15 minutes drive from Sans Souci Bed and Breakfast. We will be happy to store your purchases in our refrigerator or freezer.

Cave des Roches Le Champignon: James and I recently visited this incredible mushroom grower and enjoyed his fresh produce so much the mushrooms have become a highlight of our entree on Thursday evenings. Mushrooms are grown in amazing cave formations which stretch for kilometres, tours are conducted daily.

Les caves du Père Auguste: This vineyard holds a special place in our hearts. It is the first winery James and I ever visited on our first of many holidays to the Loire. A lovely local family run business. Our particular favorite is his Rosé “Pastourelle”. We stock a large selection of his wines on our menu.

La Fromagerie Moreau: Specialises in goats cheese not to be confused with feta. These cheeses vary from rich in flavour to creamy. A very large variety of other cheeses are available both local, regional and international. He also sells local wines and products of the region at very good prices.

Chateau de Cheverny: A stunning privately owned chateau which still is a home to its current owners. Cheverny has remained in the hands of one single family for generations allowing a beautiful family history to be shared with its visitors. The “dog soup” at 11am should not be missed as well as a visit to the wine cave Maison de Cheverny.

Day 4: The grand Chateau of Chambord and the stunning city of Blois.

Chateau Chambord: This is the grandest chateau of the region well worth the visit for its incredible architecture. It must be noted that the interior of the chateau it is not as beautiful as many others in the region, decorations and furnishings are sparse as it was not a residence rather a hunting lodge.

Blois & Chateau: A short drive from Chambord is the city of Blois, located on the loire river. Blois has an incredible chateau well worth a visit as it has significant political history. Joan of arc also visited the chateau to speak with the dauphin of France. Blois also has many fun restaurants. We particularly recommend the Orangerie Du Chateau for an exceptional fine dining, Micheline star restaurant of good price/quality with a wonderful view of Blois Chateau Royal, try for an outside terrace table on a fine summer evening.

Day 5: Region Chinon rich in Chateaux and Wine

Chateau and Gardens Villandry: A beautiful private chateau well known for its exceptional structured gardens, we love exploring these gardens in all seasons. If you can take a rose home we recommend the garden store, we have many beautiful roses growing in our garden from cuttings of Villandry roses.

Chateau d’azay-le-Rideau: A beautiful chateau built on an island, lovely gardens and a spectacular vaulted ceiling. The town of Azay-le-Rideau is lovely to walk through.

Chateau de La Grille Winery: This Chateau is not one to wander through, it is an impressive family run collective of vineyards. The Chinon region is famous internationally for its red wines and these wines will not disappoint. Tastings can be conducted in english, these is no charge for tastings. We have many of their wines on our menu.

Day 6: The local villages, royal cities and a petit chateau not on the tourist path.

Chédigny: Is one of the most beautiful villages in France and is located about 10 minutes from Sans Souci Bed and Breakfast. It has been awarded year after year the 4 flower village award. Roses line the streets and homes of this village absolutely stunning for the eyes and nose. We recommend a visit in spring (April &May) and late summer early autumn (September).

Montrésor: Only a few minutes drive from Chédigny and Sans Souci is the fairytale village of Montrésor (my treasure). Its small chateau is worth a visit as it is calm and not a heavily visited tourist attraction. Owners included the grandfather of Diane de Poitiers.

City Royal Loches: In the same region as the smaller villages above is the Royal city of Loches. A beautiful old city rich in the history of Joan of Arc. Many lovely shops and restaurants to explore. A short 20 minute drive from Sans Souci Bed and Breakfast.

Day 7: The largest zoo in France.

ZooPark de Beauval: We love a visit here to see all the amazing animals, especially our Australian friends the Kangaroo and Koala. Most notably they have an amazing Panda breeding program.

Spring is the time to visit as it is the baby season. So many cute little animals to see.

A continued stay: I really could go on and on with so many more attractions Chateaux, villages, vineyards, cities big (Tours & Orléans) and small. We are happy to discuss all these with you during your stay as well as offer any assistance you may need. Complimentary brochures and maps are available in our reception to assist in you in planning your own itinerary.

Biking the Loire: We are happy to assist in the hire of bikes of all varieties including electric motored. We can get you in contact with a local company Loire Valley Cycling who lease bikes and accessories by the day and can arrange for delivery and collection from Sans Souci Bed and Breakfast.

We look forward to welcoming you to our Bed and Breakfast with guest only restaurant. Please use the book now button to secure your reservation. The packages above will be automatically added to your booking once we receive your reservation.

Bon Voyage

Matthew & James.

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